As a beginner, becoming an Email Marketing Expert and making money is hard.

However, all email marketer know that to make money you know how to grow a list. This is why they go through great effort and trouble to create valuable content and communicate it with you via email.

This might sound complicated or like a full time job in its self. However, with the help of machines, automation and software, you can join the ranks of Email Marketing experts in no time!

Its all about knowing how to use Email Marketing Software, SEO and Copywriting.

In this post, we’ll explore Email Marketing Software and examples of who are using them and how they are making money!

What exactly is Email Marketing Software?

Email Marketing Software is an application that allows you to plan, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are managed by other companies while some are self managed on your own machine.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing Software

The best thing about it is that they allow you to AUTOMATE. Nearly all of them have inbuilt email builders, email scheduling, and campaign tools. Moreover, they will give you reporting and analytics to show you what was successful and what wasn’t.

With an automated email campaign or newsletter, you’ll be able to build customer loyalty, nurture leads and increase sales. It will also keep your subscribers engaged and you’re message heard.

Email Marketing Expert Money Making Examples

Here are some examples of successful Email Marketing businesses.

jacksflightclub email marketing

Jack’s flight Club was set up by co-founders Jack Sheridan and Phil Wintermantle in 2016, operating as an email newsletter for cheap flight deals.

As of March 2020, they claimed to have 1.2 million subscribers. It operates a free or paid-for membership service, the latter receiving a greater volume of deals at just $35 a year for weekly emails.

Just recently, the Global travel deals publisher Travelzoo has acquired a 60% of the company giving them $12 million between them. email marketing owned by Sam Parr offers a newsletter with interviews with CEOs of emerging businesses, case studies of interesting industries and much more. The cost of this insightful content is $99/yr USD Standard and $299/yr Premium

They revenue $6 Million a year just for that one subscription product. Whats different about them is that they ensure that all the valuable content is all within the email so that their audience dont even have to click off which is beneficial for them. email marketing

James Clear is a blogger who first started out writing about habits and self-improvement. He has over 1 million blog readers per month and 400,000 email subscribers.

As a result, he monetizes his content in four different ways. He has a book deal, creates courses, runs Amazon affiliate sales and is hired for speaking gigs.


From the above, we have looked at tiny fraction of email marketing businesses. There are 1000s if not 10,000s of people who are leveraging Email Marketing Software to grow and operate a business. Most of them started with a blog, writing about something they value and growing an audience.

In addition, the only barrier to entry is yourself as now there are many free one year trials for getting set up, running your own WordPress website and testing your campaign all without spending a penny!

If you too would like to become an Email Marketing Expert, I’d suggest creating a blog. When you combine a blog with email marketing, I can guarantee that your list of loyal fans and potential customers in no time.

You may be thinking, where do I start?

I have broken down the first steps in the below articles to give you the basic foundation for your setup.

  • Install WordPress on Ubuntu
  • How to setup AWS SES (Simple Email Service) – Send 100,000 emails for $10
  • How To Install Sendy Email Marketing Software

I will be posting more on this topic as I’m quite passionate about it.

If you would like to learn how to setup your own WordPress and start your own email marketing business, I recommend you read:

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