My LastPass Review

Personally, I have really enjoyed using LastPass because I dont have to remember or create new passwords at the same time. I go to a website that I’ve saved my password with LastPass and I can sign in with a click of a button.

The LastPass function that helps me out the most is the autosave and autofill function for when I sign into to new and current accounts. I dont have to keep on trying to creating or memorizing new magical passwords.

Moreover, If I ever needed to change any details, all I need is my master password and my phone Two Multi-Facto Authentication to access to all of my passwords and credit card details.

What is LastPass Password Manager?

LastPass is a free password manager that gives you the ability to store logins, passwords and credentials. It can sync across your own fleet of mobile devices and browsers. You can also share credentials with family, team members and other individuals.

What Are The Premium Features?

If you will be using LastPass for a business, they have a premium plan at $36 a year. With this you can share logins, passwords, memberships and other secret notes with trusted friends and family members. They will also allow you to use advanced Multi-factor Authentication Yubikey and get 1GB of encrypted storage. 

The $48 a year option gives you a Family plan. This gives you six separate accounts, shared folders and a dashboard for managing the family accounts and a monitor on your account’s security.

Easy Features Built In

When you use a LastPass to log into your websites, it will autofill your passwords into your saved sites instead of you entering your login information separately each time.

Security is also increased by LastPass’s username and password generator. This makes it easier to create strong passwords everytime and storing it so you’ll never forget it.

LastPass can also detect new data entry fields and invite you to save a new password in your Vault and can help you by generating a unique one with a single click. 

Finally, LastPass’s multifactor authentication, increases your security 10 fold by allowing you the password holder and mobile holder to securely access your account. This ensures that your account cannot be hacked with just a password.

How To Signup LastPass Password Manager

1. Go to LastPass website

2. Enter your details for the Free account with 30 day Free Premium trial (no credit card needed)

3. Start Creating your Passwords by Clicking on Add Item

4. A Window browser will pop up allowing you to store your information

4.2 To generate a strong random password.

Click on More Option and Click Generate Strong Password.

4.3 Choose and adjust the password to your liking and copy it to your passwords.

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5. After you have created your passwords, go to the Security Dashboard and activate your Multifactor Authentication.

Click Activate

6. I used LastPass Password Manager Authenticator from the list.

Go to the Action section and click on the pencil icon

7. Change the settings and enable the LastPass Authenticator

8. Enroll your device

9. Click on “Set up mobile app”

10. Go and download the LastPass Authenticator for LastPass Password Manager

11. Click Next and scan the QR code

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12. Set up a Backup device if the authenticator is unavailable

13. Enter your mobile number to where a backup code will be sent.

14. Activate your LastPass Authenticator

Click Done and you’re all set!!!

Now you have a fully operational and secure LastPass Password Manager.